NIPRA’s Paranormal Investigation of Crumlin Road Gaol.

Wednesday the 25th of March at 20.00hrs, Jo, Warren M, Michael, Simon and myself all set up equipment and got the feel of this amazing building, the first night was just to conduct a base line test and get to know the natural noises heard. We were on site just over an hour when we all became aware of noises and a feeling which seemed to put everyone on edge but nothing more made itself known to us, first we all became aware of lights moving along the walls of the wing. Then we all heard the voice of a man calling out, nobody could make out what it was saying but it was a strong male voice at just past midnight we packed up and left, knowing that the next night we come would start the investigation for real.



Warren M, Jo, Simon and myself set the camcorders, voice recorders up and all got ready for a good night. Sitting in the circle we starting to call out and invite the spirit people to join us, but all was quite so moving down to the drop cell we again called out.

After a while we all heard footsteps coming from above us and waited for someone to walk in and look over the safety rail at us but nobody appeared, so Warren M and Jo went up to check but all was clear and we knew the guards would be in their security hut away from where we were.
After a while we went down to the tunnel to see if we would get any activity down there, we went halfway down the tunnel and under the Crumlin rd where we felt a rush of ice cold air pushing by us, we all seen the figure of a man at the far end looking back at us slowly he faded away and vanished before us. We split up and a few of us went down C wing and the rest including myself went to D wing, no sooner had we all sat down and did a pathworking session we all heard heavy breathing and noises coming from one of the cells, both me and Warren McM got up to make our way over to investiagte when both of us saw a shadow come out of the cell and move very fast to the stairs and went down the the 2nds, we went down but all was still.
After that the whole building went quiet so by 2am we called it a night and left.



Members present, Warrenm, Jo, Jarlith and myself, we had full run of the Gaol tonight so made the most of it. Set voice recorder and camcorder in tunnel, another voice recorder in the drop cell and we all sat in B wing outside the padded cell. After sitting for around half an hour we started a séance. After only a short while we all felt the spirit energy coming down towards us and called out the name as soon as we did this we all felt the rush of cold air circle us we also heard a man sigh and felt a deep feeling of sadness. We also felt that there was several energies trying to contact us, we were giving names (which are now being checked to see if they are names known with the Gaol), we won’t make any of the names public yet until we get the results. There were several bangs, and the sound of something being dragged down the floor but all we seen were the movement in shadows as they watched from a distance. We at first thought it was going to be a quiet night, but around 22.45, a loud bang was heard coming from top of stairs of the tunnel, then what we could only describe like a heavy table being moved from one side of the floor to the other, when checked nothing had been moved.At 2.30am we packed up and left, on checking our evidence we have several EVP's, (including the heavy bang we all heard), some strange things on digital camera and some video evidence which will be uploaded at a later stage, roll on next time.



Members present, Warrenm, Jarlith and myself, we set up the equipment and took some photo's with the UV lamp. We then went down to the drop cell and called out, after half an hour we all jumped when the door (a very heavy door) leading from the execution room slammed shut, it was a windy night outside but this one still is a strange one.
We then set the voice recorder down in the drop cell and went and sat in the flogging room, with the door shut, we then invited spirit to join us and all of a sudden we all were made aware of a woman sitting down and sobbing in the corner (we all heard her moan and a woman’s voice call out), there was also the spirit of one of the guards who stood outside the door, his breathing could be heard along with a feeling of dislike (we all felt a bit uneasy with this energy).
After an hour we went up into "D" wing and again all felt uneasy and the feeling of being watched, as usual D wing showed itself to be the most active part in the building, with noises like walking, a strange clicking sound, several bright lights moving around the 3rds and three of us all saw a man standing on the 2nds leaning over watching us, several photos were taken and video footage was also shot but nothing can be seen in it all, the rest of the night was quiet but when reviewing the digital recorder from the drop cell we heard movement close to it along with breathing and a male grunt (at the time of recording this we were in a distant room with the door closed over, all in all it was a very good night.



On several other occasions while at the Gaol we had very little activity, (this is to be expected in investigations not all the time do we see or hear things). Thursday the 7th of May at 19.00 hrs we all arrived and set up the equipment, two members were in B Wing and the other two one being myself were in D wing.

At 20.45pm there was a loud bang that came from the second floor (we were up on the third level), thinking it was one of our members or a security guard we called out and asked did they need a torch on, but with no answer we went to investigate on the third floor landing we were sure we saw a man walking into one of the cells again thinking it was one of our team we called out and went to see who it was, on getting to the door we were taken aback as we found the whole cell empty on taking a reading we found it to be several degree colder then the rest of the building.

We radioed the other members and meet up only to find that they had been having their own activity in B wing.




On getting into the Gaol we set the camcorders up in B, C and D wing also in the tunnel the night seemed to start very quiet but at 21.35 we saw a light at the back of D wing both myself and Jo went to check this out only to find the camcorder had been turned off and pushed down towards the floor.

I called Warrenm and Jarlith to go and check out the recorders all was well cept the one in the tunnel it and the tripod was laying on the floor (we are very careful and make sure everything is set up and working before we leave the room, this was very strange). After resetting the camcorders we went up and sat in a group in D wing, we heard bangs, saw lights and heard heavy footsteps on the stairs, but on checking the equipment we had caught what sounded like breathing and footsteps.

The tapes belonging to the recorders that had strange thing happen to them showed nothing, in fact the one in the tunnel turned off whilst in was in a standing position, this was one very weird and strange night.



We had been lucky to have spoken to three wardens who used to work in the Crumlin Gaol and they were not shocked when we told them about the activity we were having happen to us in D wing, they all told us that wardens and inmates alike hated D wing and that a lot of people had personal experiences in it.

This night we sat two members in D wing and a few in the circle, after settling down we heard a knocking sound coming from the direction of the tunnel, but when we went to check on it we found nothing, but then heard the knocking in the circle, we all felt we were being played with.

At 22.hrs we had started putting some equipment away when we heard an almighty bang coming from the chapel (we did not go up but all saw lights (orbs) flying out from the chapel and up towards D wing this was an amazing thing to watch.




Well this turned out to be one of the most amazing, scary and weird night we have had in the Gaol, the night was quiet from 19.00 hrs until 20.35, we were in the basement in D wing and all were made aware of a very heavy unwelcoming feeling of depression and hatred, we split up into two groups of two, Jo and WarrenM in the middle cell and myself in the bottom cell.

WarrenM called out to me asking if I had looked around the cell door, I replied no I was sitting down on the stool in the cell, he told me both Jo and WarrenM had seen a young man aged around 21 look round the right hand side of the door (the strange thing was is that I saw a young man walk by my cell door heading towards them, thinking it was a trick of the light I never said to them, but I soon did.

After sitting and watching people walking round the room and hearing whispers and groans coming from the top of the wing we know time was moving on, so we went to the circle to start putting the gear away, then all hell broke loose.

Myself and Jo were sitting on the wall beside the spiral staircase, WarrenM was standing in front of us chatting when we all were shut up by a door on the third floor slamming shut, then footsteps on the top landing, WarrenM let a shout out of him, on looking up at him he was looking and pointing up to the third floor, he had seen the full figure of a man dressed in a uniform walk along the top landing. Thinking there was nothing much more going to happen we were proven wrong, several of the team were walking down the basement in D wing, getting the equipment ready to put away, i saw what at first I thought was a bag or blanket on the floor but leaning on the wall. As I got close i was given the name (we will call it Fred), and that he had been stabbed to death, by fellow innmates, he was crying and saying that he had been killed in the wrong and was blamed of touching kids, i was taken aback as was the rest of the group, we had been given full name and a reason why he had been killed, (we later founf out tah a young man by this name was indeed killed, in this area and by a knife, and he was not in for anything to do with children, but with theft). We were all a bit shaken by what had just happend so we began to make our way back up to the circle, it was like someone had lifted a heavy weight from us all, and we all sat down adn had a coffee, but even here we could still here the noises we all sat and listened to the sound of things being moved and keys being turned, the soon as we started to make our way up the stairs it all went dead, after 35 min we called it a night but what a night.



For the believer no proof is necessary, for the non-believer no proof is possible (Stewart Chase 1929)

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