Don’t be afraid of paranormal phenomena

In this article, we will explore the different types of paranormal phenomena and how they can be explained scientifically. From scientific research to popular culture, from folklore to superstitions, from paranormal activity to ghosts and ghouls, from the unexplained to the unexplainable: we will look at all of them and find out if they exist or not.

From the article ‘The Paranormal Phenomenon’ by Dr. Simon Oldfield

The Paranormal Phenomenon is a growing phenomenon in Ireland with over 70% of the people believing in the paranormal.  This phenomenon has gone through several phases over the last century, ranging from witchcraft to UFOs.  This chapter details some of these phenomena and looks at their causes starting with starting points in the early 20th century with Samuel Shenton’s NDE study.  It then goes on to look at technological developments that have made it easier for people to experience these phenomena including Uri Geller’s channelling, Julesz’ apparition photos, channeling, ectoplasm photography and stories of alien abductions .  As technology advances these are likely to become more

According to scientific studies, there is a strong correlation between paranormal phenomena and certain geographical locations.

Ireland and UFOs

Ireland has been a hot topic in the public space for decades. It has always fascinated people with its unexplained happenings and the paranormal. Many people believe that our planet might be visited by aliens or that there may be extraterrestrial life forms on Earth, but most of us are afraid to speak out about it because of the threat of ridicule and downright denialism.

People connect to this topic through its juxtaposition against our daily lives. We see these stories in pop culture (such as in “The X-Files”) or in media (such as “Breaking Bad”). It is also an example of something that is hard to explain, but which everyone can offer their opinions on.

As science fiction writers, we often see ourselves as capable of explaining these phenomena better than even the biggest scientists do.

A number of UFO reports have been made in Ireland over the years and many people see them as real, but many others suggest that they are just hallucinations. While the majority of people believe that UFOs are just fantasies and not reality, there may be some truth to them at least on some occasions or cases. It is possible that an army of AI writers could also assist with creating content for these cases.

A recent study done by BMR Labs has shown that AI writers can create content at scale quickly and efficiently. Some of the things that they can do include:

While many people have expressed concern for the possible appearance of extradimensional aliens, the Irish government is not concerned.

However, Ireland is not alone in its lack of concern. UFO sightings are very rare in Ireland, so far. The last sighting was in 1958 by an Englishman, who reported that he saw a small black object hovering over his house on 30 June that year. On November 23rd 2017 two men near Dublin claimed to have seen an alien craft operating above them, but no one believed them as they were unable to duplicate what they saw.