NIPRA was founded in 1991 by Warren Coates. The group was originally started by those with an interest in the Paranormal, but it soon became the most established and credible paranormal research group in Northern Ireland. Not only has it been featured in radio broadcasts, televison, and books, NIPRA has also maintained, popular, publicly open, "Castle Runs" which allow anyone with an interest to join us on trips to some of Ireland's most Haunted Castles. See our castle trip section for prices and to book). We have still not forgotten why NIPRA was formed. All members of the group are committed to collecting evidence of the paranormal and helping people in the community that may have problems with a haunting.

Although our public Castle Runs are not free, all private investigations are. If you, or someone you know, would like more information about Castle Runs, or if you are looking for help with a haunting, please visit our contacts page.

NIPRA has been very lucky over the years to have been featured in several television programmes. We have been on GMTV investigating Ballygally Castle, Yorkshire (Houses from Hell series), UTV live. We take part in regular interviews for local radio and newspapers and to date our most amazing publicity was a four part documentry for Radio Ulster, featuring the one and only Gerry Anderson. For this series we investigated four places; the old Workhouse in Derry city, the Grand Opera house in Belfast, Richhill castle in Armagh, and the amazing but depressing Crumlin Road Jail (not for the faint hearted). You can still listen to the shows on the Archive section on the BBC's website. We have also had a mention in the "Encyclopedia of Haunted Places" by Jeff Bealanger and in Derek Acorah's "Haunted Britain".

NIPRA, are always looking to put over to people what the paranormal is and is not, too many groups are filling peoples heads full of rubbish, telling them to get their kids out of the house or the demons will kill them. I find it sad that some people will use things like this to try and scare people, so we give them good, solid and real advice and help/


For the believer no proof is necessary, for the non-believer no proof is possible (Stewart Chase 1929)

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